As a portrait photographer, it is my hope to catch those genuine smiles, the feelings, the energy, the happiness and the love in a simple, visual narrative. To document and weave a story of light, grace and mood, the details that are particular to you and your love. To work as your ‘memory keeper’, so you can recall in years to come the most important things, those emotions and experiences again and leave a legacy that will become even more valuable to the generations yet to come.

I approach every session with open eyes and open heart. This should be an honest reflection of your unique lives and relationships. Artistically, I look for a certain feeling in the light and mood, almost like the softness of a remembered dream. As a lover of the classics, I try to create images that will stand the test of time and always hold meaning for you. I hope my photos show a sensitivity of observation in capturing the simple nuances and intimate gestures that express who we are and how we love.

romantic irish castle engagement session
Relaxed Photography

I also understand that you want natural photos without hours of posing. The one thing that I love to hear from clients time and time again, is that having portraits taken was easy and a really enjoyable part of the day. I like to get to know my clients so I can shoot quickly and with intentionality on the day.

Tears and hugs. Flowers and cake.

My favourite photos are the ones where the love shines out of them. Whether that be the love between couples, between a parent and child, or even that spiritual bond between people and place. There’s always the challenge to find the unique story in everything. No two relationships are the same and it’s those unique connections that I look for. Of course I also enjoy shooting flowers, dresses and cake.


I’ve seen a few weddings in my time. I’m more than happy to help my clients with planning, tips and advice to make the most of their weddings or portrait shoot for the best photography experience both before and after the session. In fact, if you’re nearby call in for a coffee and have a look through my luxurious fine art albums.


If you are a wedding supplier and would like professional photos of your creations, I'd love to hear from you. We can work closely to design and produce a full shoot or a selection of product images that are consistent with your brand and style. Have you a new range of accessories that you want to present? Or maybe you're an inspired florist wanting to bring your ideas to life? Get in touch for a bespoke quote.

I use my eyes, my camera and sensitivity to capture people and events,
but truly these photographs come from the heart.