kind words

What my clients say matters more than anything I could tell you…


“I have been trying to find the right words to adequately express how much we love our pictures. It turns out I can’t find any to even begin to tell you how much they mean to us… And if I cannot find the words to describe this, then how do I properly thank the person who has rendered us speechless… 
I say this with all sincerity, Paula you are an incredible photographer. The photographs that you have taken of our day are exquisite, the artistic choices, the timing, and the lighting are all absolutely impeccable. But the way in which you have managed to tell our story, far outreaches any of that. Somehow you have captured the past ten years through your lens and the essence of who we are as people and who we are as a couple. Thank you so very much xx”

Farrah & Stephen


“Thank you so much for being a part of our day and capturing it so beautifully.  I feel as if I’m back inside each of those moments. Dad and I sharing glances across the room while getting ready. Deep breaths before the big walk. Smiling like I’m about to split my face the whole day! And I love all the moments you captured that we weren’t even really aware of at the time. The guests’ expressions. My grandmother looking on with a secret smile. My dad’s emotional face!! Dancing and little details. Ray giving wee Massi a lecture before giving him the rings! :D Priceless.
I can’t wait to share these. There are so many people who couldn’t make the big trip – these photos just perfectly capture the atmosphere of the day – the overwhelming joy and intense emotion all around… your exquisite eye for detail brings the whole day to life again. (And I honestly had no idea you were so STEALTHY!! Half of these photos I don’t even recall there being a camera around!) You made us feel so relaxed – getting photos that really capture who we are as a couple, who we are as a brother, a sister, a friend, a son & a daughter.
We couldn’t have picked a better person to capture our day. All our love & MASSIVE thanks!!!”

 Ali & Ray


“You have such a feel for the moments that matter. On the day I kept saying to myself, “Remember how you feel right now”, trying to somehow take mental snapshots of everything. Now I don’t have to worry – I have this gift from you; a sweet, sensitive, intuitive feel for the moments and people that mean the most to us
in the world. I can’t thank you enough. You are one in a million.”

Andy & Dermot


“You were calm and gentle and you guided us along. We didn’t feel under pressure or feel like we were posing. Most of the day you were in the background but we had complete faith in you. When we got the photos, we spent days looking through them again and again. We loved how natural everything looked, especially our guests enjoying themselves. You caught some truly great moments. We love them all!”

Krigh & Aileen


“Words completely fail us. I knew that you would capture everything expertly and didn’t have any doubt that the pictures would be special but….wow! They have made me cry!!”

Claire & Michael


“I absolutely love, love, love the photographs! You did an amazing job, the light and colours are gorgeous! Thank you so much for documenting our day, we really were blessed to have you as our photographer. Everyone thinks the photos are gorgeous, and rightly so!”

David & Kristen


“We just love the photos and we are constantly looking at them! They are so beautiful! Even though we knew you would do an amazing job we were still blown away! Thank you so much! We absolutely love them!!! They have captured our day perfectly!”

Mark & Carolynne


“We are absolutely delighted with our photos!! Thank you so, so much!!
We already knew that you are an excellent photographer from the beautiful photos that you took at my sister Lucy’s wedding; our wedding album has truly fulfilled all our hopes and expectations. We can’t thank you enough for putting us at ease, totally seeing our vision, picking up on our thoughts and having a laugh with us along the way.  We are so glad that you came to Sicily with us, you were definitely the right choice for us as a photographer and as a person.”

Emily & Dennis


“Oh Paula. I can’t stop watching the slideshow! I have been in tears laughing and crying all afternoon. It is UNBELIEVABLE!! You have completely surpassed out already tremendous expectations – captured the day so perfectly. You were a dream to work with and really understood us perfectly.”

Victoria & Dwayne


“The photos are absolutely incredible!!! We have laughed and cried and relived the wedding through your eyes, and it has been so wonderful. We cannot express enough how much we enjoyed our day with you and how comfortable we felt, it made all the difference. You have an unbelievable talent as a photographer, so many magical moments were captured and we are SO delighted to have beautiful shots of our guests. That’s exactly what the day was about, and it’s so wonderful for us to be able to see their happiness and so much great laughter.”

Maeve & Dan


“WOW, we have had a chance to go through all of the photos several times now and we can’t get over how great they are. It really brought us back to the day, the feelings that we had, the laughs and tears that flowed, the moments that we shared with family and friends. All of these things and more came flooding back when we first saw the slide show and then as we scrolled through the main gallery, it was just awesome.
We just want to say a huge thank you for making us feel so at ease and relaxed. We both felt like we were caught up in the moment and had some time to ourselves which was great. We truly loved having you there to help us record and now relive the best day of our lives.”

Aaron & Aoife


‘Wow!’ We are honestly speechless, and you have most certainly taken our breath away.
We can’t thank you enough for all of these memories! You have truly captured every little detail! They are absolutely beautiful, and all of your hard work has most certainly paid off!
We are still making our way through them and reliving every last minute of the day. I was literally in work crying. Absolutely incredible!

Susan & Ciaran


“We just finished looking at everything twice and there are no words to describe how amazing your photos are! We are over the moon and feel like we lived the day again. You really captured the spirit of the day and the essence of all of the participants. We can’t wait to share them with everyone. Thank you so, so, so much. We wouldn’t have changed a thing about the day and having you there to capture it all was the best decision we made. Absolutely beautiful. You have such an extraordinary gift! “

Kelly & Chris


“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! They really are so beautiful and more than I could have hoped for. You’ve exceeded all my expectations! I really wanted the photos to tell the story of our day and you’ve done that perfectly. The way you use the light and the angle of your shots really sets your work apart from others as something very special. You worked so so hard all day (everyone commented on that by the way) and the results are breathtaking.
Most of my planning time was definitely spent researching wedding photographers because that was one of the most important things I wanted to get absolutely right and I am so happy I chose you. You give your subjects confidence which brings out the best in them. Best decision I made.”

Elaine & Enrique