“You are an ocean wave my love, crashing at the bow. I am a galley slave my love. If only I could find out the way to sail you. Maybe I’ll just stow away.” – Martha’s Harbour, All About Eve

I’m so thankful for good times like this. A chance to shoot beauty in the rugged coasts of this country. The wild atlantic way. Friends coming together again and new friends made.  Long, true conversations into the night and the songs we sang. Early awakenings and dawn by sea. We awoke at first light for this shoot. It was an educational editorial for the Learning to Fly retreat which I’m honoured to be a part of. Twenty plus other photographers behind me shooting and taking it all in. Even the dolphins arrived in the bay that early morning to have a nosy at us. It was quite the experience. I am in love with the blue light in the sky and how Collette, our model, fully embraced the wild, the rain and winds.  Thanks also to our stylist @alisetaggart for her teamwork on this. @bluemeadowbridal, @ivoryandpearl @learningtofly @colletteoneill



Botez 13:44 December 26, 2017
Wow! Amazing pictures! I really like your shots. Really professional. Good contrast and sharpness. Keep up the good work! Regards, Fotograf Botez

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