I’ve just done a website refresh (yes in the middle of wedding season!) and I’m delighted to start posting some recent work again. I really want to start with sharing Nadya and Alex’s Ballymagarvey wedding. Not only because it was beautiful and full of love, but because I know that the two of them are thousands of miles apart and wanting more than anything to be together right now. Alex is from New Zealand and Nadya from here. Not long after their wedding day Alex’s visa was rejected and he has had to return to New Zealand. Obviously they’re heartbroken and everyone really wants Alex back here in Northern Ireland with Nadya. He’s currently applying for his Visa and all the family and friends are campaigning to #getalexback
So I’m posting this tonight for Alex and Nadya who are half a world away but very much together in their hearts. Stay strong you two. I want to include a piece that Nadya wrote recently about their journey so far. It’s encouraging and insightful for all those who endure the miles apart and about what really matters. Love really does conquer all.


“Our wedding day was better than I could have ever imagined. The two years prior were spent picking the perfect dresses, flowers and venue etc, ironically on the actual day all of these details (although beautiful) seemed to pale into insignificance when my husband and I stood facing each other, in a room that was brimming with love and support, promising to love each other for the rest of our lives. My Husband is from New Zealand and I am from Northern Ireland, we are in the ninth year of our relationship, and like many couples we have had our battles. I don’t know whether it’s fortunate or not, but most of our years have not been with each other. They have been spent juggling with various visas and ticking all the right boxes simply to try to stay together, having to move around the world to be with one another. It sounds all very romantic, but in reality after living in England, New Zealand and Australia, we were happy to be creating a life in the North of Ireland and edging towards our happy ever (not visa dependent) after. It wasn’t a month since we were married that after a long battle with the Home Office, we received a letter stating that Alex’s visa had been rejected and he had to be out of the country within 28 days. Currently Alex is in Sydney and we are applying for a new visa, however this will take some time. Through the heartache of being divided geographically, we have found great appreciation for what has come to light due to this challenging time. We have learnt that people, health and happiness are the important things in life. We have been overwhelmed with kindness, support and love from our family and friends. Most of all, throughout our relationship we have learnt not to take for granted the time we spend together, whether it is a quick coffee date or falling asleep next to each other. Some may see our situation as being horrendous, and truth being it has been heart-breaking and certainly not the way we wanted our married life to begin, but we remember that there is always someone out there worse off. Ironically, I feel like the most fortunate girl in the world. We have never known support and love like we have been shown in the recent months, and as a couple we are only growing stronger, more resilient and ever deeper in love. Bizarrely, I am filled with gratitude.

Love conquers all.”


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