Christmas is almost upon us and I’ve still so many wedding stories to share from 2015, but in the meantime I’d like to squeeze in a few recent portrait sessions which have been so lovely to shoot this winter.
I met with my good friends Conor and Alise for a dawn shoot just a few weeks ago. I never do dawn shoots as I’m not good with mornings, but I think I’ll be doing a few more after this. Such beautiful light. And it helps when you know the people your shooting this well. When you share the same passion for light and art. You’ve probably seen Conor and Alise on my blog a few times. We’ve worked on many shoots and weddings together and become closer over the years since I first met them in 2011. It was a pleasure to just do some portraits of  the two of them at this stage in their lives before everything changes again. And even better to have young Fionn along! He was doing his best to behave but the long grass and open space was calling to the ‘wild wolf’ in him.  I try to make blogposts shorter but it’s just not possible with this light and these two. So much love for this.


justus-conoralise-portraits_0001 justus-conoralise-portraits_0002 justus-conoralise-portraits_0004 justus-conoralise-portraits_0005 justus-conoralise-portraits_0008 justus-conoralise-portraits_0009 justus-conoralise-portraits_0010 justus-conoralise-portraits_0011
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