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Aaron and Aoife. This is a wedding I’ve been hoping to add to my blog for quite a while and with it being such an Autumnal wedding now is the time before the final leaf falls. I think we really clicked on a skype chat from New Zealand over our mutual affection for the canine members of the family! Dogs regularly take part in Skype chats here.  It was then that it came to light that Aoife grew up in a family with Wheaten Terrier lovers. Anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about this breed and my own special little Wheatie at home :)  Aoife is Irish but based in New Zealand with Aaron who is very much a native of that far off beautiful part of the world. Both cultures were combined in their wedding at Ballymagarvey Village with folks and friends making the long journey also. You can see it all in the details. A combination of Irish and New Zealand symbolism and attention to detail which really made it their own. When the Irish and the Kiwi’s get together they really know how to make you feel welcome and how to make a bash just feel like a big gathering of long lost friends. Aoife teaches in a primary school out there and it was pretty emotional to see the film the kids put together to wish her well during speeches.
PS. Since this wedding two have now become three. Welcome into the world Oisín Michael Soal Smith, born on Oct 12. I can’t wait to hear more and only wish I was in New Zealand to continue on the story with them.