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It was a truly a blessing and a joy to travel to this beautiful part of the world, with a wildly talented bunch of ladies from home. When we weren’t shooting, we were exploring, enjoying the hospitality, the food, the locals, and the culture of the very rural unspoilt parts of Spain. Collaborating and spending time with those I only fleetingly get to see on wedding days is so necessary. Life is better with good company, passion, friendship and of course Rioja :)

Stylist: Alise Taggart
Floristry: Ann Marie O’ Leary
Makeup: Ashley Morhej
Hair: Lynette Murray
Dresses & Veil: ‘Chloe’ by Rue de Seine and ‘Joy’ by Maria Sento from The White Gallery.
Headpiece and beaded tulle cape: Gibson Bespoke.
Peineta (Spanish Hair Comb): Supplied by Florist. Sourced in Tudela, Spain
Head scarves, bracelet, earrings: Natura, Tudela, Spain
Model: Luna from Dana Models Agency

Shot on film and digital. Scans courtesy of Richard Photo Lab.

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