“Love is many things and sometimes we are never really sure if it even exists, but all I know is that if you were to show me her soul in a photograph, I wouldn’t even ask to see the others.”

– Christopher Poindexter

I’m so excited to be able to share Vaneeta and Neil’s Indian/Irish wedding from the Spring.  When Vaneeta asked me last year if I could shoot her and Neil’s wedding in Belfast, I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it as I had another wedding scheduled. Fate intervened and my other wedding was rescheduled for June so  this was meant to be. This is a long blogpost as there were two ceremonies on the day, first the civil ceremony and the Hindu wedding afterwards. This was my first Indian wedding and I loved the energy and colour of it (especially the meeting of the families outside) and the beautiful symbolism connected to each stage of the ceremony.  This blogpost has two gorgeous wedding dresses also! Vaneeta looked stunning in both.  This is a real mixture of both cultures with fiddle players, and a traditional Irish music and then drummers, rice-throwing and Indian dancing later.  The gardens at The Culloden put on a display also carpeting the ground in pink and white blossoms. Like a dream.
Thank-you Vaneeta and Neil. I’m so glad our stars aligned and I got to be there for this incredible day.