So if you’ve been on Facebook or twitter earlier in the week you might have heard the big news.

I still can’t quite believe I’m typing this post. When I got the email from them I almost passed out. I was selected for Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of Photography 2013.

The photographer’s are selected for this list from across the world based solely on the merits of their work. No begging, paying, or sob stories involved. Just photographs. The emotional emails and tear-jerking calls I get from clients after they’ve viewed their wedding photos remains the biggest encouragement to keep pushing on and doing my best, but making this list could not have happened at a better time. I can be very hard on myself and self-depreciating. I’ve always been that way and I feel like I’ve been really tough on myself lately. I’m not sure how to deal with praise. Coming from a family of five kids, and being slap-bang in the middle, I’m much better at defending myself. To have people in the industry at such a high level believe in you, means so much. Some of my favourite photographers are on that list this year, and the names that have gone before…wow… I’m not going to lie, this is HUGE. It’s so encouraging. Thanks mostly to all the couples who opened their hearts and gave me their trust. There wouldn’t be photos without them. There’s that familiar voice again inside which says, “You don’t belong there.” but I’m trying not to listen, and maybe, just this once, go easy on myself, open a bottle of bubbly with my man, and celebrate coming this far. Well, at least until the kids bring me right back down to earth again. In this house making it into Rangefinder Magazine comes way behind Niamh turning six this week.

Hopefully this is beginning of many more to come from Northern Ireland. We have so much talent in this tiny part of the world. It’s about time the world knew it.
So work hard, be nice and stay humble.