I’ve taken to shooting all my personal photos on film these days. I know I’ve also taken to not blogging so much personal stuff. This has been a conscious decision on my part this year. To just enjoy my kids and my personal life as a mummy, living in the present and leaving some of it to memory, as rosy or fuzzy as that may be in the years to come. I really want to shoot for prints also. Over the last few months I’ve literally printed hundreds of photos that have been stored in my harddrive for too long. I’m finding a new pride in the walls around our home. And film allows me to have those images ready for albums or walls without any fuss or time spent on the computer tweaking. Plus I love the look of them! I enjoy shooting a few rolls, forgetting what I shot and then the delight of seeing them in print a few weeks later.

I took the kids out on a winter walk just recently. Shooting on damp, dreary, dark winters day ┬áhas never been something I’ve gotten excited about but seeing how those days look on Portra 400 and Fujifilm 400h has changed my mind. I love the gorgeous rust tones of this season after so much of summer green. I cherish these photographs more because I couldn’t take hundreds of chance shots. I had to to choose my moments wisely :) The kids are changing and growing so fast but they are such good friends. Niamh won’t go anywhere without Dogum. He’s our Velveteen Rabbit. Much loved and ready for falling apart any day now. Cosmetic surgery will be needed soon.

It’s been an incredible year of much beauty and self-discovery. It has went by in a flurry of weddings and events and I have not had time to share the wonder of them all. I’m hoping to do a HUGE blogpost soon to celebrate all those wonderful days and my lovely 2013 couples very soon!



Developing and scans by the wonderful Richard Photo Lab.