And the summer blogroll continues!
A few weeks back, on a warm sunlit evening I met David and Stephanie up at Stormont for an engagement session. Believe or not, this is the first time I’ve ever actually been up there. I’ve drove past it many times and just imagined it was the big imposing building at the top of the hill with the wide expanse of lawn around it. But I was delighted when David and Stephanie took me into the trees and the hidden pathways beyond. This is a special place for them. There is a tree in those woods with the words engraved in the bark. “Marry Me?’. Now there is a photo of them under that same tree :)

Here’s another thing. I was walking in the fields that morning, with my dog Molly, and admiring the Cow Parsley everywhere. It’s a seasonal wildflower that grows in shady places here in the summer. It’s beautiful. I was thinking how wonderful it would be to take portraits in the Cow Parsley in a little spot of sweet light. And later that night I couldn’t believe it when David and Stephanie showed me exactly what I had hoped for. A little piece of heaven.

Thir wedding is in The Hilden Brewery later in the year. We are stopping by here on the way down from the Church. It will be all different then with the Autumn colours and I’m so looking forward to seeing it. Sometimes as a photographer I have to be able to direct couples to make them relax and for their love to show through on sessions. With Stephanie and David I was just better staying quiet and letting them ‘be’ as this was just so natural for them. I could not love a summer session more than this.