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19th March 2013

“You are so loved. Like no other.”

I woke up at 5am on Tuesday 19th. The alarm didn’t go off. I just knew I had somewhere important to be. I’d something really special to do for a friend. Before you read, whatever I type here will not do justice to this day and to the journey that has taken place so far for this family.

It’s just the most beautiful, real life story I know and I’ve already photographed this family here. When Janine asked me to come along and document the adoption, i felt very honoured.  I know how important this day is to her, to them. Janine posted about it after that day and i have since seen how the walkers story has touched the hearts of many all over the world. I’m so happy that she has been able to reach so many and help others who are thinking about adoption. Their story is inspirational.  I only hope that i’ve done the best i could for them on this day as they deserve the best.  I’d never been in a courtroom before and the amount of officials telling me to put the camera away before we even got in there scared me ALOT. I got a special letter of permission which Andy had to keep pulling out. Janine tells me that Charlie thought the funniest thing about Adoption Day was how scared Paula was of the judge!

I remember that morning in Alexanders in Markethill when Janine told us she was getting her forever family. Not one but three children. Life was changing in a big way all at once. Our shock, our joy, our tears. Most of us get time to adjust, nine months to think about how life is going to change. Nine months to prepare, to know the time of arrival, when life is going to change forever. Janine had about five minutes on the side of the road on the way home from a wedding. And she didn’t adjust to one child at a time, she had three boys within the year. Plus 36 weddings.

I think she’s the bravest, strongest person i know. when everybody says it can’t be done, it kind of makes her more determined. And every time I meet with these boys I fall in love with them all over again. One year ago we all met at the beach for their first family photos. I can see how they’ve grown in that year. How they’ve bonded. I’ve never seen Janine and Andy so happy as I did that Tuesday in the courtroom when they finally made it official.

So I’ll show you some photographs and take you there, to that one special day when the Walkers became a family, officially with certificates to prove it. I really hope you can view the slideshow as it’s a special one.

I don’t like to call this a happy ending. I’d prefer to call it a happy beginning. Congratulations my friend on your  forever family, and ever and EVER!





Trish Wilson 21:25 March 19, 2013
What an amazing blog.... So touching! Wishing the Walker family much love, laughter & happiness together. You make a perfect family & your 3 boys are truly gorgeous. Enjoy life together. X
Jude 21:33 March 19, 2013
So beautiful Paula. Three very lucky boys to have found such wonderful and loving parents. The pictures show such genuine love and affection.
Laura 21:46 March 19, 2013
This is the sweetest thing ever! :) :)
Kina 21:53 March 19, 2013
There are no words... <3 <3 <3
Yvonne Chambers 22:01 March 19, 2013
Such a beautiful family. Gorgeous and very happy. Congratulations to the whole Walker family and wish them a wonderful life. Pictures captured fabulously..
Gabrielle 22:29 March 19, 2013
So lovely. I just wept with joy for them. Such special moments captured of such a special day, (with many more to come, I'm sure!)
Máire 22:30 March 19, 2013
What a beautiful family, the photos are stunning.. Youve got an amazing talent Paula.
Alise 22:41 March 19, 2013
Paula! You have me in tears over here...this is so touching and they will cherish these photographs for all their lives, the reason why photography appeals to so many of us. These are beyond words, so special and i wish Janine and Andy all the best in the world for transforming all of their lives in such a wonderful way :) xxx
Paula 22:47 March 19, 2013
This is just so perfect! x
Christine 22:59 March 19, 2013
Perfect words, perfect photos & most important a perfect family, how happy they all look and how complete. You captured such an important day for them, a long time ago we sat in a courthouse waiting for the good news that added another member to our family, another brother for us, it is a special time.C
Esther 00:25 March 20, 2013
I cried. What a beautiful family.
Sona 05:49 March 20, 2013
Absolutely amazing set of stunning photos to document such an important day in life of this beautiful family. This is what photography is all about! Capturing memories;) I'm sure they will treasure these photos forever. All the best to these guys;)
Mari 10:41 March 20, 2013
I love these guys! They are such a wonderful inspiration to everyone. I go to mush whenever I see anything to do with them. They are 3 very lucky boys :)
Diane Barron 11:47 March 20, 2013
That is such a beautiful and an amazing story and the pictures tells it all. So happy for this family and for sharing it xxx.
Chelsea 13:49 March 20, 2013
So very special and moving!! You have documented this moment and their love for each other so perfectly! How blessed this family is to have been brought together. Tears of joy for them for their forever family.
Sara Donaldson 02:41 March 21, 2013
You have perfectly captured love.
Paul 10:52 March 21, 2013
Love this Paula, great beginning for a great family.
Kristi 14:44 March 22, 2013
LOVE this. I was involved in an adoption story last year with some friends and could just feel the emotion coming from these photos. Great photo story!

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