Beautiful chaos

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9th October 2012

The story of Nicola, Chris and their beautiful family of girls. Guitars, cameras and lanterns by the lough.

There were so many awesome parts to this session. Myself and Nicola, both being photographers and mums know about the ‘beautiful chaos’. When there’s that much going on and so many personalities you just have to go with the flow, and photograph it all. It’s crazy and I love it. There’s so much character here and the warmest connections. I hope we’ve captured that closeness and happiness that I felt at the time. I loved that they brought the guitars along and the wee camera! But you can really see their bonds too. Abbie and Beth are great with the younger two Emma and wee Pippa. Just a gorgeous bunch of girls.  I especially enjoyed all those little blonde heads bobbing about in the late evening sunshine! Nicola has so many beautiful photos of these kids that she has taken herself. Probably thousands! But it was time to get ‘mum in the picture‘.  Read the link to understand why. As I have my own family photos coming up soon, I really connected with how Nic was feeling on this session. A mixture of excitement and nerves! But when I look at these pictures now of Nicola cuddling her kids and enjoying this fleeting time when they were young, and all-together and happy, I know it’s something she will cherish. Michael filmed everything also. It always heart-melting to hear the laughter and chat of your babies at this stage. It’s the one thing you can’t capture in photos.

It took us a while to get those lanterns going, it was so cold!!! But worth it for the perfect finish. Love the wonder in Emma’s eyes as the lanterns go up.

Thank-you so much Nicola and Chris for an incredible night.


To view their Story of Eve film click here.



Nicola 22:56 October 9, 2012
Paula thank you so so much! I just don't even know what to say! Beautiful chaos is just right, it's miraculous that you and Michael have been able to capture such beautiful moments in amongst all of the crazy that we brought with us! I am delighted and utterly moved to see both the images and story of eve film, so special to have these memories of our motley crew xx
admin 12:08 October 10, 2012
Hi Nicola. Thank-you!! For me your family is absolutely perfect, just the way you are here. What a stunning motley crew!!

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