Watching ships and skimming stones


There is not alot better than being at the beach on a dry morning in good company. I sometimes dream of shooting families all day on sunny beaches, barefoot and bronzed with someone slaving back on the computer doing all the post-production. It’s a nice dream.

I never know which photos are going to resonate with a parent during an edit. When I look through it’s so hard to know what to take out. And when I get the feedback from parents who’ve had sessions, they see things that I might have missed. Little characteristics in their children that are meaningful. It could be just a certain expression that they pull, or a frown, or the way they twiddle their hair when they’re tired, or the way they cuddle when they’re upset.  I always hope that some of that is in each session:)

This is Leigh and John, and their kids Josh and Oliver. I photographed Leigh’s sister Carolynne’s stunning wedding last year at the Culloden. This family session was a gift from Carolynne and Mark and I’m so happy to be able to do this for them. Josh gives me plenty to photograph! And wee Ollie is a happy chappy who was just fascinated with the water the whole time. We skimmed stones and ‘tried’ to get Josh’s buzz kite to go up.  There were a few dramatics! Josh got a stingy hand and we thought the world was going to end. Ten minutes later it was all forgot about and he was running around smiling again. That’s all part of it. Sure it wouldn’t be a family outing without a few dramatics!