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The Simple Guide to Beautiful Images
Just recently, I was incredibly honoured to be interviewed for Red Leaf Boutique's 'Simple Guide to Beautiful Images'.  Richard and Amy have always inspired me in their photography and they are also very generous with their teachi ...
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walk with me
Four of my favourite things in one picture. evening sunshine the overgrown field behind our house black and white film and my girl.    
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one for me
  I've decided that every once in a while I get to post an image just for me. When I caught up on Niamh doing this the other evening, I had a 'whoosh' of memory from childhood. I personally love images that randomly drop y ...
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time well spent
at the start of the year i bought a film camera. i just had this urge to experiment and challenge myself with something new. the last film camera i owned was a nikon f301 in my student university days. i have a few cameras from my ...
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Aoife, Kilshane House, yesterday. I have so much more to share from this beautiful wedding. What a start to the year.  
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