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For family

It's not very often I photograph families these days, but I felt the need to share a few photos from this session at home with Paul, Vanessa, Donnacha and the little one in Vanessa's belly. I heart this session and this family for many special reasons. The house they built in rolling hills was filled with their very own brand of warmth and love on a freezing January m[...]

adoption day

"You are so loved. Like no other." I woke up at 5am on Tuesday 19th. The alarm didn't go off. I just knew I had somewhere important to be. I'd something really special to do for a friend. Before you read, whatever I type here will not do justice to this day and to the journey that has taken place so far for this family. It's just the most beautiful, real life stor[...]

My little pony

When I was five I went to bed at night dreaming about my perfect pony. I had the pony pictures all over my room and pony books and a pony t-shirt. I knew exactly how to look after my pony as I had read ALL the manuals and the Barbara Woodhouse 'training your pet' books. (If google existed then I would have been source of all pony knowledge). I knew how to groom it, fe[...]