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December 14, 2016

I’m finally finding time to blog a few from this year. Looking out of my studio window here it feels like it hasn’t properly decided to be day outside. So the colours of this session and those blue mountains are definitely lifting my spirits. But it wasn’t just the beautiful backdrop of the Mournes that made this a goodie. These pictures are full of kisses, snuggles and laughter. Let’s say it, wee Graham is very kissable. I’m so  glad Paige and Daragh made the trip up from the south. Actually, Daragh is a Dubliner but Paige is even more South. A proper southerner from Memphis, Tennessee. We might have gotten lost in the mountains for a while.  It wasn’t just that I wanted to listen to Paige’s lovely accent for a bit longer, (well, maybe a little bit) but  as usual I was just following the light, and not the road signs. I’m kind of glad we did because by the time we got to the forest the sun was going down and peaking through the trees in just the right spot. Good times!

murlough-familysession_0008 murlough-familysession_0009
murlough-familysession_0011 murlough-familysession_0012 murlough-familysession_0013 murlough-familysession_0014 murlough-familysession_0015
murlough-familysession_0017 murlough-familysession_0018
murlough-familysession_0022 familysession-justus_0040 mournes-portraits-family
murlough-familysession_0024 murlough-familysession_0025 murlough-familysession_0026
murlough-familysession_0028 murlough-familysession_0029 murlough-familysession_0030 murlough-familysession_0031 murlough-familysession_0032

Tomasz 21:18 December 15, 2016
Awesome session Paula!
Rob 21:52 December 15, 2016
Gorgeous Paula!!!

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