Conor & Becky

engagement Just Us
May 12, 2016

Another heart-pulling love session. Becky and Conor came over from London and I visited them in Gortin forest for a ‘Just Us’ engagement session. Becky hails from London but this is Conor’s part of the world have grown up in Gortin.  So it’s a place that’s special to them.  I was just a visitor in awe of Gortin fores. What a magical place and Conor was a good tour guide! We drove up to the heights of the forest looking out on the glens all the way to Donegal. I always think there’s a special kind of excitement on an engagement session. It’s such a great way to get used to the camera  and also makes the photos on the day so much easier. It’s an occasion for an extra set of gorgeous photos also.  The last photos of just the two of them. Before their wedding day. On precipice of the mountain and all to come…
conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0003 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0005 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0007 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0009 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0012 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0017 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0018 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0025 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0027 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0036 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0038 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0042 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0043 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0044 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0047 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0050 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0051 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0052 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0055 conorbecky-justus-gortinglen_0056

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