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February 21, 2016


It’s hard to put into words sometimes your feelings. Well, all the time it’s hard to do that. I guess that’s why we fall back to photos. Words only seem to diminish the beauty of those moments. But let me tell you about that one time, when I held my breath, and couldn’t believe quite what was happening in front of my camera. The emotion, the love and the joy of this day. The best I can say is how grateful I am to be chosen to document this. To get to know people like Alli and Ray, to be trusted, to be a part of their lives, just for a fleeting moment, and feel that special magic that they emanate. They inspire me. I came home feeling like I want to free myself of the anxieties that keep me from expressing my love for all those around me. I would call that a very good wedding when it has that effect.
All the family were there staying on the grounds. They came from both Ireland (Ray’s side) and all the way across the atlantic (from Alli’s side – Minnesota) I got the feeling they’re a tight group. I was especially excited to see Alli’s 93 year old Grandma make it to the wedding. Such an incredible and inspirational lady. Also, as you all probably know by now, I have a soft spot for dogs, and wee Massi was the perfect ring-bearer for the celebration. I fell in love with him on their engagement shoot. It was so good to see him again. Thanks also to incredible team that Ray and Alli hired to make this day so beautiful, including my good friend Alise Taggart. Enjoy the story of their day in photos…



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Location: Brooklodge, Co. Wicklow  Styling: Alise Taggart,  Hair: Michelle O’Halloran, Make-up: Making Faces, Gorey, Co. Wicklow, Stationery: Bride’s Sister Betsy, Cake: The Cake Café, Dresses: ASOS, Groomswear: Debenhams,  Flowers: The Informal Florist

Caroline Lima-Benusa 20:33 February 21, 2016
This is so beautiful! i always feel like a wedding guest seeing your posts, you really inspire me.

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