“Her voice echoes out above the water.
Her song seeming to have many singers.
Her pitch calming.
Calling to them.
Beckoning them to the rocks.”
– The Shell Sprites

Sometimes, you just need to lose yourself in dreams.
And it’s so beautiful when others choose to dream it with you.

Thank-you to the amazing team who came together on the shores of the North Antrim Coast to make this one come to life.


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Styling: Alise Taggart
Location: Whiterocks Beach and the Giant’s Causeway on the North Antrim Coast
Florals: A Native Bloom
Makeup: Anita Conroy
Hair: Rebecca Donnelly
Stationery: Feasting Calligraphy
Dresses: The White Gallery
Model: Carrie Anne Burton
Veils and crown: Blue Meadow Bridal
Film scans: Photo Vision Prints
Jewellery: Natasha Sherling

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