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December 22, 2015

When talented photographers get in touch for sessions it’s a real honour. There’s the pressure, but you know they are going to give it their all and adventure with you. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to shoot Maile and Skylar in my favourite places. Maile was shooting a wedding in Ireland and travelled north to meet me in the mountains. We had a storm moving in and the rain came down, but it just added to these photos. And when the connection is there between two people it really doesn’t matter what the weather is doing. November is the darkest of months in Ireland but winter has a wild and dramatic beauty of it’s own if you embrace it. And they surely did. Thank-you Maile and Skylar for trusting in me.


justus-maileskylar-portraits_0001 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0002 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0003 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0004 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0005 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0006 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0007 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0008 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0009 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0010 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0011 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0012 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0013 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0014 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0015 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0016 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0017 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0018 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0019 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0020 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0021 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0022 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0023 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0024 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0025 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0026 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0027 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0028 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0029 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0030 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0031 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0032 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0033 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0034 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0035 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0036 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0037 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0038 justus-maileskylar-portraits_0039


Maile 15:57 March 24, 2016
I literally look at these photographs all the time four months later. you're the most wonderful and I love you <3

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