For family

February 10, 2014

It’s not very often I photograph families these days, but I felt the need to share a few photos from this session at home with Paul, Vanessa, Donnacha and the little one in Vanessa’s belly. I heart this session and this family for many special reasons. The house they built in rolling hills was filled with their very own brand of warmth and love on a freezing January morning. Little Donnacha charmed me from the moment I walked in the door. Then he made me scones. I’m ever so grateful for the day I got an email from Vanessa inviting me in to document this time for them.  I’m blessed to know them. These photos remind me of what is important. Looking at these, I know I want to get some family photos taken as soon as possible. Sometimes it just takes one session to really bring it home.  Maybe it’s the little finger resting on Dad’s hand as he get’s ready to point out his favourite digger in the book… or the way Vanessa smiles at her two boys as Donnacha chucks his Dad’s socks over the bannister… maybe it’s the flour on her bump… maybe it’s Donnacha’s carefree laughter and delight and being rolled on the bed and tickled… all these little things… and much, much more… for which there are no words.



Vanessa, you are a beautiful mum, inside and out.

Thank-you so much for inviting me into your lives and your home for this precious time.x


Michaela 15:31 February 11, 2014
No words to describe how much I LOVE these photos.
Sona 10:15 February 12, 2014
Oh Paula, these are so beautiful and soooo precious;) such a beautiful memory for the whole family! When I have my own, I'll call you;))
Lynn Mc Nally 15:00 February 12, 2014
These are truly beautiful X
Vanessa 14:54 February 21, 2014
Words cannot express how special and important these photographs are to our family. Memories are made of this! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Paula xxx

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