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August 13, 2013

I was just organising some prints and thinking to myself of all the beauty and happiness I’ve seen so far this year. Halfway through the wedding season already! It’s been better than I could ever have hoped for. I have my lovely clients to thank, their friends and family, and all the talented wedding folk grafting away behind the scenes to make these days magical. I’m still editing weddings from July and August and I’ve many more to shoot yet. Looking forward to sharing more with you when time is kind.



Melissa Bonitatebus 15:38 August 13, 2013
I gotta ask, where do you have your prints made, I love the white border look and just adore your work too btw. Thanks!
Colin Tuff 17:36 August 13, 2013
You really do have the most perfect eye for Bridal portraits, Paula.

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