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March 4, 2013


recently i reworked my blog. it definitely fits the wedding images but i just don’t know where we fit in here anymore. our life.

i’ve read more information online about blogs, and what you should be posting, and writing about than i ever could possibly need to know. it’s enough to make your head spin. so much advice on how to market for weddings and how to reach the kind of clients who are having the right kind of weddings. the right kind?  something about the idea of that just doesn’t ring true with me. don’t get me wrong. i love style, details, creativity, and inspiring things and it’s all part of it, but having a blog that shows only that, seems less than truthful to me. there is more to weddings than that. there is more to us than that. details can personalise your wedding, but they don’t make a wedding. people do.

when i started this blog, i didn’t know exactly who would read it. five years ago i was just being completely myself, writing for myself, posting photos that I wanted to remember.  but sometimes you get such a head full of information and business advice that it just leaves you confused. it leaves you feeling like a watered down version of yourself. i’m torn between having a blog full beautiful, ideal pictures or the real everyday stuff. the moments we live in. i don’t really want to separate it. but i’ve been posting less of our personal stuff because it isn’t always beautiful, the light isn’t always perfect and to be honest, i’m afraid it’s not the right fit. maybe i’ve been spending too much time on pinterest and i’m starting to think life actually looks like that for everyone else. i’m so tired of fretting about being judged and not making the grade. it’s making me want to run from the internet.

well, i’ve decided to stop worrying about it. i don’t want to separate it. this is a business but it’s life too. beautiful and real, and sometimes all at the same time. and sometimes chaotic and messy. the kids aren’t always wearing the right thing, and with two cats and a dog, the house could be doing with the extreme makeover team . our weddings and our lives aren’t just about being pretty, they’re about being real and true to yourself. and if you don’t like a photo, that’s ok too. it’s ok that we don’t all like the same things as everyone else all of the time.

and there is so much more before and after the wedding that matters. like being married,  having kids, letting go of some of the control, and having ‘jumping on the bed’ moments.

i’m going to keep sharing. that feels right.

Christine 10:40 March 4, 2013
Paula, I am so thrilled that you are posting some personal photos again, when I first came across your blog I spent ages exploring it, these personal posts with the wonderful words you put with them had me hooked ! Your persoanl & business work is a great inspiration to me (and numerosu others I am sure), thank you so much for sharing it with us, and please keep sharing. Christine
Dasha 10:42 March 4, 2013
This is so very true and I'm sure will ring the bell with so many photographers who have a blog. It's hard to know what's the right thing to do. What to write, what to put out there for everyone to see and what not to share, what to say and is it the right time etc etc. All this caused me some anxiety too! So doing what feels right sounds like the way :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Dasha x
Sona 11:22 March 4, 2013
Paula, I ditto what Christine said:) Your blog is and always been a great source of inspiration for me and also many others:) I love all your professional work, but I love your personal photos probably even much more:) So don't you even stop posting and sharing them with us:)) Looking forward to seeing more.... Love, Sona
Claire 12:30 March 4, 2013
When I was reading this the lines of a poem you have no doubt heard many times jumped right into my head. "Here is the deepest secret nobody knows. Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide." I think the most beautiful thing is if you can, with words or pictures, somehow produce a distillate of what life really is about. There is beauty in the superficial, but the most beauty lies beneath, in the things that appear, at first, perfectly ordinary :)
admin 13:03 March 4, 2013
Thank-you girls. The holding back and withdrawal of yourself from the world is so not good for you. It's hard to write in the most honest way like this, but it always feels more rewarding afterwards. Claire, you have put into words what I couldn't. The beauty of ordinary things. I need to remember this wonderful quote you shared often. It's easy to get distracted daily by all that's out there and feel a bit lost in it all.
jo 13:11 March 4, 2013
Loving it P! Keep it real!! x #reallifehappyness
Tim 13:57 March 4, 2013
Sure that's what I love about your blog the personal shots are my favourites. I dislike how everything is all about business on other blogs. It's just not the Northern Ireland way!
Christina Brosnan 14:55 March 4, 2013
Fabulously said. Looking forward to more intimate posts :)

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