Holidays and the sweetest of simple things.

June 9, 2012

So my last post was basically about what people will ask you when you’ve been away. What they’ll expect to hear. Yeah, Disneyworld is awesome. It’s all singing and dancin’ awesomeness. You’re speechless when they throw that kind of entertainment you. But I’ll let you into a secret. It’s not all what my kids talk about now in their memories. It’s not all what I truly remember either. Maybe we are simple folk here and are needs are simple too. What we cherished the most was not the explosion of fireworks around Magic Kingdom. It wasn’t meeting Donald, Goofy or Mickey either. It was the simple things and  the joy in doing it ‘together’. We are always around each other here at home. I pride myself in having a job that allows me to be in the home. But sometimes we don’t notice each other so much. Everyone is doing their own thing. The one thing I’ve learned in the importance of holidays from now on is just being with each other without the distraction of daily routines. Here are a few of our truly, simple favourite things from America…


Climbing up those tall streets of Atlanta on Dad’s back, playing ball, and chasing pigeons. We could live here. We could take Molly. We could love it here.


Dipping your hands in the fountains at the park.

Lying around on beds in motel rooms and enjoying the air conditioning, and car journeys with the chickenpox kid.

Sitting out at night wrapped in quilts watching Disney movies under the stars. And Niamh’s crazy ‘Kate Bush style’ dancing.


*Just for me* Spanish Moss. And driving from Atlanta to Florida passing Wild Oak trees. There can never be enough Spanish Moss in the world.

Handstands, running on cool grass and creating fizzy fanta burps.

Toasting Marchmallows at sunset. This will be talked about forever. In fact we’ve been trying to do ‘Smores/shomores?’ unsuccessfully in the backyard. It’s just not the same.


Hanging out and playing games at the pool.

Playing games indoors when storms rage outside.  I smile when I remember this especially when I think of Seanan’s face. He was more excited about thunder and monopoly than he was about fireworks.

Magic Kingdom…


Disney’s Special Dining Programme. Maybe not so much.

The fight to press the button in the lift. Everyday.

Moonlit boat trips on the river.

Also firm American favourites with the O’Haras:

Chick-fil-A, pancakes and syrup, coke (when in Georgia!), Max Lager in Atlanta’s Deep Fried Cheese Cake, Samuel Adams beers, Oreo cookies… all the healthy stuff ;) Not sure about the grits but we could come round to it.

Christina 02:21 June 9, 2012
I wish you were my mommy! I love these posts best of all. I have been internet friends/stalking you since flickr days when our babies were only small and it's amazing to share your family's journey through these posts.
admin 10:46 June 9, 2012
I know - I love that! The wonderful thing about the internet is you feel like you get to watch these kids grow up and share the adventures!! Where has all the time went since we were posting pictures of our babies on flickr?
Ciaran 11:58 June 9, 2012
Hi Paula! Delighted to see you all had such a good time. What life is all about. Lots of fantastic memories, all of the things that really matter. Make time for another one soon!
Alise 00:53 June 10, 2012
awwww, i just love this post Paula. Happy for you that you captured all these memories for you and your family :) Also, just made me really homesick! haha xx
Simon 09:35 June 11, 2012
Brilliant holiday shots. Happy memories.
admin 10:07 June 11, 2012
Oh Alise, I could totally see how this would make you homesick. Hope you're taking your mind off it now the weather has turned sunny again. We definitely have to do that trip to the North Antrim Coast! And thanks Ciaran and Simon for these messages also. Appreciated.x

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