My Life
April 16, 2012

Your body is stretching up like a blade of grass in the summer but you’ve still got all your baby teeth. Your days are filled with football and friends. There is nothing you enjoy more than torturing your little sister when mummy’s backs turned, but you’d do anything to make her happy if she was sad. You think that we should change all meals to Coca Pops for handiness. You laugh endlessly at your favourite book and that little cat taking a poo. And the word ‘boke’. In fact you find anything to do with embarrassing bodily functions quite hilarious.  You would wear a football skip all day, everyday if I let you. Actually,  you would wear your pyjamas all day, everyday if I let you. You love Saturday night tv and staying up late with mummy. You don’t love mornings or school or tidying. I’m afraid to put my hand under your bed sometimes. You always find new, undiscovered places to hide old gum. There could never be enough puzzles, boardgames and quizzes in the world for you. But we worry about your interest in poker, scratchcards and Winning Streak. Your mission in life is to find out mum’s itunes password so that you can download football apps until her phone explodes. You like to play ‘Party Rockers’ on full volume and have all the kids in the street over for musical chairs.

But when everyone has gone home, and you’re getting sleepy, you still love a good cuddle from mummy :)

It’ s good to be six.



Aisling 16:13 April 16, 2012
Really lovely words and photos!
dessie 16:22 April 16, 2012
Christine 16:24 April 16, 2012
You have a talent for finding just the perfect words for those special moments, then add to that the wonderful photos to capture those moments, wow! fabulous (please print this blog post out, and your other personal ones, for your children to read back on in years to come, a scrapbook should be filled). C
admin 17:41 April 16, 2012
Thank-you! It's not very often I get Seanan in front of the camera happily so it's always worth documenting. I really need to start my blurb books (five years worth of blogging about the kids now!)x
Sarah Fyffe 12:34 April 17, 2012
I wanna make him a cake. Love your words Paula. POWERFUL.

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