Sarah & Anthony ~ Love on the river

March 29, 2012

When Sarah told me that they were thinking of going out on a boat for their session, I did a little happy dance.

It always wonderful to have clients with lots of creative ideas of their own. Sarah teaches Art & Design so it was absolutely no surprise that there were going to be creative treats on this session. I’ve never taken photos on a small riverboat before. It was a challenge to stay balanced in the one spot. I have no sense of balance but we did it and I love this set of photos. After the river expedition, there was a stop off at the Argory for a picnic. There are lots of photos in this blogpost!

Every time I think of Sarah, I can’t help picturing gorgeous colour combinations.  She has such an eye for it. I mean just look how the blue of the boat matches her scarf. I have a feeling that was not a ‘happy accident’!  I cannot wait for their wedding later in the year. It’s going to be colour heaven :)




tim 17:41 March 29, 2012
as you say this is a stunning shoot again paula well done. And what a stunning bride to be.
admin 17:58 March 29, 2012
Thank-you Tim :)
Hannah 18:37 April 1, 2012
Lovely pictures, can't wait for the wedding session!
Aisling 10:13 April 2, 2012
Beautiful, I'm glad you brought your flats for the boat Sarah!
admin 14:36 April 2, 2012
Sarah 23:44 April 2, 2012
I know Aisling, Paula's sensible suggestion. Left to me I would have been in the heels and ended up in the water!

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