February 2, 2012

My niece Caoimhe (Kiva).

She is sixteen. She is half Spanish, half Irish. I like to think she looks Spanish but her heart’s Irish:)  She is thoughtful and witty and the smartest sixteen year old I know. She loves re-runs of Blackadder and consumes books at lightning speed, (Harry Potter books do not stand a chance).  She speaks two languages fluently and teaches English to kids in her spare time. She also speaks ‘Norn Irish’ which I think definitely counts as a third language.  Her single, biggest passion in life is music.  She knows more about music than most adults I know, and her itunes library spans the decades. She is a writer, and maybe one day would like to be a music journalist. I’ve told her she ‘IS’ going to be the editor of NME. I love how she sees the world. The world is a better place through her eyes. She is honest, calm and steady. And she is very much her own person already.

I miss our chats over coffee. I miss her.

There is only ever going to be one YOU Caoimhe. Let your heart fly.


“Stands on shifting sands
The scales held in her hands
The wind it just whips her and wails
And fills up her brigantine sails

She’ll carry on through it all
She’s a waterfall”

Stone Roses

Tim 08:26 February 2, 2012
Beautiful, both the girl and the shots!
Caoimhe 14:50 February 2, 2012
Incredible Paula! I really liked the writing, but you make it seem like I can do nothing wrong... Photos are amazing, thanks. By the way I miss you too!
Chelsea 14:59 February 2, 2012
So beautiful and soulful...your description is perfection for this set of photos, as always. The talent for writing must run in your family! How wonderful for a 16 year old to have that much passion for life!
Nic 16:31 February 2, 2012
Such a beautiful set of images, the writing talent obviously runs in the family x
admin 03:35 February 4, 2012
Thank-you friends so much:)

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