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February 1, 2012

I’ve probably got about five minutes of internet connection here so better blog quick.  I’m currently getting ‘bt infinity’ installed. I can no longer blog and upload at a ‘sky broadband’ snails pace. Life is too short. I need those hours back. But in the meantime, I have been left with next to no internet. It’s so strange. I’ve even had to think of other things to do. It’s actually surprising how much can get done when you don’t have to check facebook, twitter, pinterest or your google reader every five minutes.

Here’s something I never thought I’d be blogging about. Finding my ‘inner baker’!! Every day, baking my own loaf. I know, it is completely crazy, especially when there are perfectly good sliced pans in the shop across the road for a pound.  I get up in the morning and don’t know this person kneading the dough and feeling all is good with the world. It earthly satisfaction. I don’t care who eats it. I just like making it. And the smell. Not that’s it the best bread ever or anything. My first loaf was definitely not for cutting, more for bashing.

There are bakers on my mother’s side but I kind of thought that gene had skipped me. Maybe I was just a late developer!! Or maybe it’s another development of getting old. Like the thermal blanket, and the two hot water bottles, and the fleece pyjamas, and the bliss that is a good book and cup of tea at bedtime. The bread-making is not entirely strange behaviour.  I had a ‘clay making’ phase. Every week I had to make at least one small clay pot/saucer/bowl/thingy. We have a cupboard of small clay items that aren’t really big enough to be useful or pretty enough to display. Now, it seems that’s been replaced that with ‘dough’ cravings.

What’s a girl to do in the northern hemisphere where it’s cold and wet and dark almost permanently in the winter. I mean, there’s the shopping thing, but January is never a good month for that cosy pastime. I’m never in the mood for shopping when I’m filling out self-assessment forms. I’m sure it’s a phase. I will be back to my normal, too-busy working, loaf-buying self again soon.

And sorry I haven’t been blogging alot lately either, but lots of lovely couples got their album layouts! There are quite a few shoots coming up. If you don’t see them by the end of the week, that means the internet’s down again, or, I’m watching a loaf rise :)


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