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January 16, 2012

As I sift through everything that has built up over the weekend, behind me I can hear snores and contented stretches as Molly adjusts her sleeping position. There are days I would happily swap with her. And the only one ‘chasing their tail’ around here is me.

This is not my favourite time of the year. It’s all about the admin and paperwork.  There is a 5d tucked away in my bag feeling very neglected.

Apologies to all the super-organised blog readers beginning to twitch over the state of my desk. Don’t panic. I know exactly where everything is and it’s being sorted.


Collette 22:16 January 16, 2012
lol a truly multi-tasking mum! us mums are so resourceful :) xo
admin 10:21 January 19, 2012
You know it Collette!x

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