Troy & Sarah

January 13, 2012

“I plant the kind of kiss that wouldn’t wake a baby
On the self-same face that wouldn’t let me sleep
And the street is singing with my feet
And dawn gives me a shadow I know to be taller

All down to you, dear
Everything has changed

My sorry name has made it to graffiti
I was looking for someone to complete me

Not anymore, dear
Everything has changed

And we made the moon our mirrorball
The streets, an empty stage
The city sirens violins
Everything has changed

So lift off love
Lift off love

We took the town to town last night
We kissed like we invented it
And now I know what every step is for
To lead me to your door

Know that while you sleep
Everything has changed

We made the moon our mirrorball
The streets, an empty stage
The city sirens violins
Everything has changed

So lift off love”



Before Christmas, my good friend Sarah Fyffe and her man Troy took me on a tour of the city that’s been their hometown for the first ten years of their life together. Derry is one of those cities you could fall in love with easily in a day. It’s steeped in history and character.  I couldn’t have had better company. Love these two :) This is a very special session to mark those ten years and the closing of a chapter . They now have embraced the country life in Omagh and left the city behind. I think Derry will always have their hearts though.  I am so delighted and honoured to have been the one to do this for Sarah. It’s wonderful that she has these now to remember their time there together. And to yet again be asked to do this by a friend and a photographer that I admire so much is awesome.  Check her work out here. She is such a talented photographer in her own right, and for a long time Sarah has been behind the camera, making other people feel special. Now it’s finally her turn. I absolutely love their style, the hats, the coat (that Sarah’s had from student days!), the vintage powder blue frock. This could easily be 1969! Styled to perfection and fantastic to shoot. A perfect match in a perfect place.


Jude 19:11 January 13, 2012
OMG fantastic pictures Sarah, you look stunning. Love the dress! x
Sarah Fyffe 19:35 January 13, 2012
Hey check us out!! Bootiful Paula. What would we not give to have these?? Thank you Paula for a great shoot and a great experience in front of the camera, my stylish friend Julie for the Sanchos and the hat, Naomi at Bare Minerals for the make up, Natasha & Kathleen at Vixen for my hair and the lovely wee ladies at Stitch Express for mending my coat 1hr before the shoot- what a bunch of talented gals. Derry doesn't look bad either!!xx
admin 19:39 January 13, 2012
Thanks Sarah! And you two make Derry look like the coolest place in the world :)x
Nicola 20:17 January 13, 2012
these are all absolutely gorgeous!! in love with every last element x amazing job!
Jonathan Fyffe 20:52 January 13, 2012
Hey You two, what a lovely moment in time captured, a real treasure for you. Your both very photogenic. Jonathan & Sarah
Sona 21:23 January 13, 2012
I'm totally digging' this;) absolute love. Gorgeous couple and amazing photographer = win win situation!
Jane Packard 21:33 January 13, 2012
Gorgeous images!
Michael 21:40 January 13, 2012
The colours are superb in the this shoot Paula. Really like the black and whites and the tilt-shift ones as well. Super cool couple.
tim 00:09 January 14, 2012
again brilliant this is such a fantastic shoot love the one at the red door with the lady looking one way him looking the other. Trés cool!
Clare 11:58 January 16, 2012
What a great shoot Paula, I love all the shots, so much variety. They are such a gorgeous couple i love their quirky style! Brilliant work as always. Cx
admin 10:22 January 19, 2012
Thanks everyone. Your messages are really appreciated by Sarah and Troy, and me! On sessions like this I could not love my work anymore. Just the best people to photograph and spend time around:)
Sarah-Jayne 11:07 January 27, 2012
Photos are absolutely beautiful :) Sarah and Troy you both look amazing...good work Paula ;) P.S loving the outfits Sarah xxx

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