Tim & Carly

December 22, 2011

This is Carly and Tim’s session in Belfast  just before Christmas. I’m so delighted to be photographing their wedding in June. I knew from the moment we met that we were a good match :)  We have the same ideas and vision. Carly is seriously pretty in these photos. Love her in this green coat. It was wintery and cold but these two made it warm…

I’m finishing off the season with some gorgeous couple sessions!


The end.

Paula ~ x

Emma 10:05 December 22, 2011
Wonderful work Paula, what a way to finish the season! Please Santa, bring me a green coat!
Lisa O'Dwyer 11:56 December 22, 2011
So sweet! Love the ones in front of the carrousel and the one of them laughing in the middle of the street with all of the window flower baskets! Really cool. You are really doing fab work! Enjoy your holiday!
admin 13:52 December 22, 2011
Thanks girls. Emma maybe you should drop a few hints to Santa? I'm still trying to squeeze in another session before the break. We'll see!x
Tim 19:06 December 23, 2011
Love these in particular the ones where they are sitting in front of city hall and you are far away. I try these shots but tend to to crop in in editing
admin 00:05 December 24, 2011
Thanks Tim! And thanks for all your comments on the blog. Appreciated. Wish I had more time to answer your emails. You certainly have so much passion for the craft. You'll do great. Just go your own path and have faith :) Merry Christmas!xxx
Aisling 13:38 December 26, 2011
Lovely Christmassy photos. Love the coat!

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