Ciaran & Clare ~ engagement

November 30, 2011

I’m buzzing to share something a bit different! This is good timing for a very festive engagement shoot.  I headed out with Clare and Ciaran for a stroll around Belfast just recently.  We started at Victoria Square and ended up at the Continental market. It’s very hard for photographers to walk for long distances without stopping for photos at every turn  :)  Ciaran and Clare are from Belfast so it seemed right for them to have a shoot in their home city. Plus, I’ve been itching to get down to the Belfast streets for a shoot all year. I loved this session! The great thing about engagement shoots is there is no pressure and more freedom to be experimental and try things you might not have time for on the Wedding day. The Christmas market is in town so we grabbed some time there also. And they are such a cool couple.  It’s not everyone who can be this chilled out with so many people about. But I think you’ll agree,  it was totally worth it. Now here comes lots of pics…


I loved outfit No. 1 with the little yellow skirt matching the Christmas tree lights. Clare is so cute, and elfen :)

And then she changed it up for the rest of the session. Outfit No. 2 – Oh my word. I love thee. Especially having a hat to play with.

Here comes the tummy rumble…

The end.x

Christina Brosnan 13:52 November 30, 2011
Stunning, stunning, stunning!
Emma 14:05 November 30, 2011
absolutely fantastic great idea of using belfast! very different!, gorgeous couple!
Ciara 14:11 November 30, 2011
What an adventure! Love all the bright christmas colours! There's a carousel in Cork at the moment and was only thinking the other day how great it would look in a shoot!
Tim 14:56 November 30, 2011
Great shoot! The slow-shutter market rocks and those B&W's are dreamy..
Samantha 15:03 November 30, 2011
David 16:17 November 30, 2011
annoyingly good paula... the slow shutter market shot made my jaw drop... so i think thats a good thing! ;)
admin 22:31 November 30, 2011
Ah thanks everybody! Glad you all took the time to stop by for a look. David and Tim - I'm really interested in experimenting more with slow shutter speeds so I enjoyed trying that one. Wish I had more time for experimenting!xxx
Tamara 22:37 November 30, 2011
Paula, I love every single shot! You have such an amazing talent!!!!!
tim 08:01 December 1, 2011
That's it I have decided your my favourite. These are fantastic!!!!!
Clare 14:48 December 2, 2011
Thanks Paula!!! we love them! can't wait for the wedding now...your the best :)x
admin 22:37 December 2, 2011
Thank-you everybody. And thanks Clare and Ciaran. You two rock photoshoots. You were an absolute pleasure!! Can't wait until next summer now :)xxx

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