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September 10, 2011

Now for one of my favourite ever engagement sessions.  I can’t help feeling we have our own ‘PS I love you’ story right here with Conor and Alise. (without the sad part!) Plus Conor has a much better Irish accent than Gerard Butler and Alise could easily be more ‘Holywood glamour’ than Hilary Swank.

I’ve been chatting to Alise by email for months now. She was just the sweetest person I’d never met. It’s funny how things happen. Initially we were  just planning for an Irish engagement shoot and I never dreamed I’d be invited to do their wedding.  But next year, as it happens, I will be off to Georgia for their big day! That’s right – my first ever international, cross-atlantic wedding!!! I’m beyond excited about this and so honoured to be asked. It’s such a beautiful story. The old romantic in me couldn’t resist it. I knew this was going to be very special. And now that we have the engagement shoot over, I’m even more thrilled for what April will bring.

Alise is from Georgia and Conor is from Belfast. They met last summer when Alise was backpacking with a friend around Ireland. They met on the last night Alise was to be in Belfast. Fate maybe? Alise then had to travel on to London but came back to fly out of Dublin to America. She spent her last wonderful days in Ireland with Conor. It wasn’t easy for Alise or Conor going back and being separated after that. They knew this was it. This love was worth the struggle of being thousands of miles apart. They’ve crossed the world for each other many times. Struggled through snow storms and lost luggage to see each other. They email and skype each other everyday. And now they are planning for the most wonderful day of their lives.

Alise and Conor love photos and they suggested lots of places where we might go. I mean, we have so many locations here in the north to choose from. We’re lucky that way and it’s a hard choice to make.  But for some reason I had this mountain where I used to walk come into my head for them. It seemed so perfect. Or maybe I’ve just watched ‘PS I love you’ too many times and dream of the scene where Gerry meets Holly for the first time along the mountain road and they are surrounded by all that beautiful Irish purple. *sigh*

Here is some of that sweet love…



As featured on Style Me Pretty albums.

susan 11:30 September 11, 2011
Beautiiiiiiifuuuullllll!! What a gorgeous girl (and guy!) Paula, you'll be writing film scripts next!! x
Emma 12:45 September 11, 2011
Love love love it! Those shots in the heather are just beautiful! Can I carry your camera bag for you in Georgia?!
Joanne 13:59 September 11, 2011
Absolutely stunning !!! I love these pictures and in particular this setting .. Such a gorgeous couple ( I never knew men like that existed in Ireland, especially a red head lol )
patrice kelly 14:40 September 11, 2011
I love this sooooo much !!! It really is like P.S I love you when Gerry and Holly meet for the first time... Such a gorgeous couple they look very happy together in these pictures. Great work Paula :)
Máiréad 16:39 September 11, 2011
Conor I'm so glad your my nephew. You are so happy and you both are absolutley beautiful. You both will be starring in Irish films next. Alise youv'e got yourself a real Irish man. Good luck for the future. Lots of Love Auntie Máiréad xxxxxx
Sarah Fyffe 13:51 September 12, 2011
Wahoo, this is lovely. There is a real lovely Irish feel to this shoot. I wish I was going to Georgia!
Rob Dunbar 14:31 September 12, 2011
What a gorgeous couple and beautiful locations! The B&W of them kissing is to die for, I am so in love with that photo! You truly are a master at your skill and an inspiration to me.
Alise 14:34 September 12, 2011
Paula, thank you so much, you are so talented! They are gorgeous and I can't stop looking at them! :) xx
Clare 14:55 September 12, 2011
OMG Paula........ This session is amazing, the couple as so cute together I love all the different locations and colours!!! Fabulous work you are so talented x
Christine Mc Aleese 22:13 September 12, 2011
OMG! These photos are absolutely gorgeous, brought a tear to my eyes seeing Conor & Alise so much in love. Well done Paula and i look forward to seeing the wedding album if the engagements photos are anything to go by. Congratulations Conor & Alise can't wait to spend your special day with you both in April 2012. Lots and lots of love Auntie Christine xox
Joe and Brandie Lovin 22:59 September 12, 2011
These pictures are just breathtaking. We love you both and are excited for what the future holds! Congratulations.
Robin 11:55 September 13, 2011
I bloody love your work Paula (as you know)... wish I could just follow you around, would have made a lovely short x
Lynn 16:15 September 13, 2011
Your work is so stunning I can hardly bear it!
admin 14:12 September 14, 2011
Wowee!! Thanks for all the love everyone:) I can't wait to work with Conor and Alise again! Also Robin I wish you had've been doing a short on this. It would have been a great one for that idea. What didn't I think of that.
Erica 22:02 September 14, 2011
I LOOOVVVEEEE this shoot. I want this couple....need a second shooter that day???? x xxx
renee wood 01:33 September 16, 2011
[…] Alise has been like a fairy godmother to me. She made dreams come true by asking me to shoot this. And thank-you to Conor also for always putting his trust in me from the very first email. I hope I help make dreams come true for them too with these photos. You can read how things began for them here. […]

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