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September 2, 2011

And now for a beautiful Irish countryside Wedding.

This is probably the longest post I’ve ever completed. It’s taken an age to blog it, but I was so taken with all the details that they just had to be shared. Victoria’s sister, Lyndsey, designed all the stationery for this. She is an amazing talent! All the little designs on the signage, the place settings, the guest book… everything was thought out so carefully to match. And the illustrations were personalised characters from Robin and Victoria’s life. Like the little piglets that Robin bought Victoria for her birthday. And the sheep. And Robin’s beloved ‘John Deere’ tractor. And the farm dogs. I could have sat and looked at these for ages and found something new and fun in every corner! I want Lyndsey to illustrate my own life like this. Everybody should have it. (This is a project I’m working on next!).

This was definitely a windswept affair. Who would have thought that in August we would have December winds on Inch Island. My hands were freezing up!  We will NEVER forget those winds. Brrrr! But the warmth of the occasion made up for it in every way. As soon as I arrived in the morning, I was offered delicious homemade soup and Wheaten bread. And tea of course. I always know the food is good at a Wedding when I can’t help taking pictures of it! Everything took place on the island and Tippee’s were set up by the sea for the party afterwards. This was all located on the family land. It was so good to have everything all on the one road. And it was a joy to see Victoria and Robin relaxed and having such a good time. Enjoying being newly married. *sigh* I had little to do but take some pictures.

I love Inch. I want a t-shirt saying ‘I *heart*Inch Island’. Everyone is soooo laid back. It’s just pure country charm. In fact, I would like to set up a little tent myself by the coast, just to relax there for a few days. I’d read  ‘Wuthering Heights’ again and watch the sunset over the sea. I’d book the kids and their Dad into a B&B somewhere close, but not on the island, or in my tent. But Molly could come. She’s a great hot water bottle. I would switch off my iphone. No more ‘Angry Birds’. Might even throw that phone into the waves for dramatic effect. And maybe Victoria’s mum would take pity on me, and invite me back up to the house for some more yummy soup:)

And here is the Wedding that I was so happy to shoot. Grab a cuppa. This could take a while…


And more details of course.

I think these girls need a wider lens…


As featured on Style Serendipity Irish wedding blog.

Christine 00:57 September 2, 2011
O my how fabulous, I understand why it was your biggest ever blog! You must have been like a kid with all those special details to recird. Fabulous wedding and wonderful photos. Christine
admin 01:26 September 2, 2011
Thanks Christine. I was like a kid in a toy shop!
tim 10:11 September 2, 2011
Chelsea 14:30 September 2, 2011
So breathtaking and amazing! What a perfectly styled wedding, love those personalized touches! You did a fantastic job of capturing it all as you always do! I just LOVE your work!
Denise 17:08 September 2, 2011
Another fab wedding much detail to play with....the bride was very busy!! Stunning from start to finish :)
admin 16:33 September 4, 2011
Thank-you everyone! It was wonderful to do something this different.x
Em 22:12 September 5, 2011
WOW. That is all I can say, I'm blown away by such amazzzzzzzingness. This could be favourite- EVER. I'm surprised you ever came home! Can I come visit? I'll leave my iphone at home ;)
Sarah Fyffe 12:38 September 6, 2011
Lovely wedding. Great part of the world. Glad you got sorted Victoria.
Erica 18:20 September 6, 2011
Seriously wow! Your detail shots are stunning xxx
Nicola 12:59 September 7, 2011
Just gorgeous!

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