March 26, 2011

Molly has helped me more than she can ever know. I’m so thankful to have her. In the evenings, after a hard days work, I’ll take her out to do this very special thing that she loves. Trainspotting. It only takes up a tiny part of my day but it makes such a difference, for her and for me. I think this is one of those shiny, bright moments in life that I will want to remember. So I captured it to share.

She watches and listens for the trains coming. Then she races them until she is can race no more. When I’m watching her, waiting for trains, and then bolting along, I can’t do anything but smile. It makes me feel free. It reminds me that it is the most simplest of things in life that make us happy. Like the trains, we just have to watch for them coming.

Some people like to get close to ocean, listen to waves, feel the breeze and smell the air. To help carry those cares away. Molly is my ocean.


Going home, exhausted, muddy and happy :)

jenny 00:11 March 27, 2011
she rocks! what breed is she? love the muddy paws!
admin 00:14 March 27, 2011
Thanks :) Irish Wheaten Terrier!
Tamara 00:21 March 27, 2011
Paula, thank you for sharing this. It almost makes me want to have a dog! I like dogs but not in my house, so it's as close as it gets :)
admin 01:08 March 27, 2011
Get a dog Tamara, you'll be amazed at the extra room in your heart for another! :)
rosie 10:27 March 27, 2011
Such a lovely post Paula, Molly looks like such a happy joyful dog. We are desperate to get a dog, as soon as we move and have a garden I think we'll be looking for a border terrier. I am already excited by all these lovely little moments to come.
admin 11:02 March 27, 2011
Border Terriers are fantastic Rosie. Can't wait to hear about that. We decided to have Molly instead of child No.3 She's great for the kids too!
Catherine 13:13 March 29, 2011
This post made me cry yesterday when I read it and the same tears came today!! I have two dogs who are my ocean too - dogs are amazing. Fantastic post Paula and such a gorgeous dog. They say a photograph should always evoke an emotion and these one definitely do. Love them x
Donna Good 14:37 March 31, 2011
what a happy puppy face she has!
admin 23:16 April 6, 2011
Thank-you so much for leaving comments on this. And Catherine, your going to make me cry now. I'm so glad you get this feeling.x
Bronagh McAtasney 08:54 April 7, 2011
Look at the joy on her wee face! I love this, Paula.

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