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January 29, 2011

If I could make one wish, it would be, that they always remain ‘best friends forever’.

“Dear Niamh,

Found some old photos the other day. I think it was 2011. Do you remember when I was five and you were three? We used to sit out on the deck waiting on jam sandwiches and milk. Even on the coldest days of Winter. Because eating outside seemed like a bit of an adventure. And we didn’t call it lunch. It was always a picnic. We were so easily amused back then.

And do you remember that blue princess dress? You wore it every single day after school and wanted everyone to call you Princess Niamh. You were always so dramatic. And then you would run to mummy crying because I wouldn’t address you by your proper title!

Remember Molly when she was just a pup? Mum used to try and take a picture of us all together but Molly would never sit in.  She would wait until Mum was about to take the picture and then hurl herself at us!

Those were good times. The three of us. On our wee adventures in the backyard!

Your big bro, Seanan.”

Nikita Tully 21:50 January 31, 2011
Paula, everything about this is beautiful...It made cry a few wee happy tears... your photography is so real life, Its touching FAN!! xxx
admin 00:30 February 1, 2011
Thank-you so much Nikita for this message. I'm so looking forward to getting a chance to edit all our photos from yesterday. Hope you got over the near hypothermia!xxx
Aisling 11:00 February 1, 2011
Ah these are lovely Paula. I can hardly believe you got Seanan and Niamh to sit never mind throwing Molly into the mix!

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