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September 29, 2010

I’ve been working on getting lots of photos that have been hibernating in my harddrive onto my walls. So here is just a quick photo of my two from a personal selection. They obliged me for about five minutes and then they were gone! I have been so busy lately with client sessions that I’ve hardly had time to post family photos. I’m planning to take a whole bunch more this month now things are little quieter and get them blogged. At this time of year we love getting out to the park to collect leaves, or leaflets as Niamh likes to call them! I feel a little Autumn session coming on. Like most photographers, I get excited about the changing of the seasons. Not so excited about the lack of daylight or the stormy weather though!

Aisling 15:14 September 30, 2010
Lovely Paula, I can hardly believe you got the two of them to sit long enough to take their photo!
admin 18:10 October 2, 2010
Aisling. I bribe my children in lots of ways for pics like these. Right after this I had to take them to the pool. It only works on your own kids though!
Sharon 15:03 October 11, 2010
What beautiful, happy kids you have Paula. My two have refused! I tried the pool but they just laughed :-(

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