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April 15, 2010

Hello. My name is Niamh. I am 2 years old and cleaning is my favourite thing. I love to get a suddy sponge  and give all these surfaces a real good scrub. Sometimes I like to eat the suds too. My Mum hopes that I am still this interested in cleaning when I am older.


Hello. My name is Seanan. I am four years old and much too busy to clean. I’m a pro-biker in the zone with races to win. My mum hopes that I don’t want to be a pro-biker when I am older.


But we both would do anything for a jaffa cake…

IMG_2225That is all :)

atan ahmad 12:06 April 15, 2010
Love your pics very much. I assume u used prime lens for this pictures. I mis my prime lens.
Claire 13:09 April 15, 2010
Beautiful :) Love Seanan's wee freckles in the helmet pic, and that last one of them both...nothing like a cuddle from your wee sis eh?!
Erica 13:59 April 15, 2010
Awh - I love Niamh's wee ponytail! Sweetest thing ever! xx
Annieca 16:28 April 15, 2010
Love the fotos two beautiful children, they look soooooooo sweet :-)
admin 19:59 April 15, 2010
Thanks for commenting! Claire, Seanan's getting lots of freckles now. He is so fair and Erica thankfully Niamh is keeping her ponytails in now. She has really wild hair. Atan - Yes, I have used a 50L here but sometimes I'll use the 24-70L. Most of the other lenses are never used!
Eva 07:57 April 16, 2010
They are lovely Paula, I miss them!
Cate Toman 15:29 April 30, 2010
mini Paula and Dessie???
Niall 21:35 April 30, 2010
Fantastic shots Paula. Love the commentary, the site design, everything. Waw!

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