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March 22, 2010

There is kind of an unwritten tradition in our family to meet at the parents house for breakfast on Saturday mornings. I’m not sure exactly when this started, but I think it was around the time my younger brother left home. He was the last one of five to move out. Mum wanted to hang on to him longer, so she lured him back on Saturdays with her big fry-up! The rest of us just invited ourselves. No special treatment for middle-children :(

At the weekend, I found myself with two cancellations and no shoots to do. Saturday morning was gloriously sunny and I had an itchy shutter finger. Good enough reason to bring the camera and take a few shots of the clan together. This is how they are. Babies, kids, bigger kids, dogs, the lot. Just hanging out, oh and jumpin too! I don’t know what it is, but when we get together in the garden/wilderness out there we are transported to childhood again, with full permission to act silly and immature granted.

I’ll miss this in the Summertime when I’m doing the Weddings but we’ll have the late light evenings and bbq’s to catch up instead.

When you are editing a photosession and you suddenly realise your sides hurt from laughing then its got to be something worth sharing.


IMG_0614This stick on a rope has been around since we were young. It’s literally hanging on by a thread!



Niamh is always happiest with Granda in tow.


The youngest of the clan and the most stylish.


And the oldest (in dog years). We don’t actually know what age Nala is. She was grown when we got her and very timid. We’ve have her about 15 years. She is deaf now, and can’t see well either. Still smart and sneaky though! She likes chasing her tail. And the cat.


Our cat is only interested in finding the best place to catch some rays.IMG_0772

You might remember Jerry O’Hara Junior from last year when I blogged about him. He is a real noggin-head.


Big foodie. Here he is in full ‘PLEASE GIVE ME’ plead-mode. Drool bubbles and everything.


And here, trying to show only a passing interest in that lolly (hence the bored look). If she turns away he will go for the lick.


After the swinging we tried to play football. That didn’t work out. Jerry chewed up the ball.


So what now? Bark. Snort.


We went for the trampoline then. Jerry hasn’t mastered this yet. I was struggling to keep the camera steady here looking at their faces. Love these.x


Believe it or not, Michael is a full-time lecturer at the Southern Regional College. Seriously.

Michael words.

“You better not put any of these on your blog. Some students might see them.”

Mr Serious. He can be so Ross from Friends sometimes. My response?

“Maybe they will actually think your interesting now. If not you could always go loco.”


Aisling has perfected the ‘still-look-pretty-even-when-your-jumping-in-mid-air’ look. Unfortunately, Michael has not, and continues to do the polo-mint expression.


I would love to do this with an engagement session, but don’t want to be responsible for the medical bills if someone breaks a leg! Best to just use the relatives.


*Sigh* Saturday morning fun. Such a laugh :)  And I haven’t even posted photos of the actual breakfast. I’ll do that in a part 2 post sometime soon!

Michael Toman 22:35 March 22, 2010
Jumping with Seanan on my back probably wasn't one of my brighter ideas! Better not let my Head of School see this one - you can imagine the amount of Health and Safety laws that would break!! They are funny though, even if I do look slightly deranged in most of them.
Emma Cowan 06:40 March 23, 2010
Hi Paula, Your Saturday morning session is just fabulous and has managed to make me smile like a retard and laugh out loud before 7am on a Tuesday morning. That's definitely a gift. Thanks, emma
Janine 08:58 March 23, 2010
Class Paula! Heading to see my fam next week, can't wait to take pics of them all hanging out...these made me even more excited for it :)
Eva 09:01 March 23, 2010
Wow, great pictures!!! That´s true, Aisling looks great even when jumping, I can´t say the same for Mr. Serious? though. I can´t wait to be there next time, hope the weather is generous for a change!!!!
admin 11:10 March 23, 2010
Thank-you.x Hey Janine, have fun on your hols and I'm looking forward to seeing all the family on the blog when you get back! Eva, what date are you all arriving. Is it next week? I'm hoping we get a good dry Easter for the Spanish invasion =)
jo 13:29 March 23, 2010
He He He, Paula these are brill! Really enjoyed flicking through them, next time get your mum on the trampoline, that would be hilarious!
tracey 21:10 April 8, 2010
excellant photos paula ,really pleased with mine thank you so much and im so pleased with the price . wouldnt have got more for my money and quality anywhere x.

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