My Life Portraits
December 20, 2009

Its wonderful to be able to do a shoot every now and then which is purely for creative purposes. It means as a team, you have the freedom to style and theme a shoot to your own taste without ever having to worry if the paying customer will be happy. I had an idea for a rural/gentry-styled editorial shoot involving the right model, a horse, a dog, a big manor house and lots of land. A tall order I know and I didn’t expect to get lucky on any of it! I thought it would also be interesting to have a shoot were our Irish weather here would be a plus instead of a disadvantage. So instead of wishing for sunlight I was hoping for soft, muted, mossy tones, atmospheric, misty and magical.

There is a whole team of people who were really helpful in making this happen. It was wonderful to be able to work with Olivia and Collette again and to work for the first time with Jennifer. The clothing was supplied by Debenhams. My sister, Tracey, who is the personal shopper over at the Rushmere branch, put these items together for me. There were lots of other gorgeous pieces supplied by her, but because we have such a small amount of daylight at this time of year, I didn’t get the chance to try them all.

Also, by pure chance, we found a fantastic gem of a place on the Moyallon Road, Portadown. Woodbank is owned by Maynard and Joy Sinton. They were so generous in opening up their beautiful home to us for the day. (If I could live anywhere, it would be Woodbank!) They are planning to hold marquee weddings here on their grounds from 2010 onwards so contact Joy if you are interested. Imagine my excitement when I found out that Joy had a chestnut coloured horse and ‘Finn’ the great dane also!










Hair: Olivia Muldoon, Make-up: Jennifer Ireland, Model: Collette O’Neill, Clothes by Tracey Toman at Debenhams Rushmere, Shot on location at Woodbank, Moyallon.

Collette 00:11 December 21, 2009
Wow photos are fantastic!! Really really pleased with them.can't wait to get them printed up for my portfolio.great job everyone.v excited about our harley bike shoot now lol x
Janine 10:20 December 21, 2009
Oooooooh Paula!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These belong in Vogue girlie! I did wow quite a few times. And I needwantlove that gorgeous dog. And how stinkin' fabulous is it that you got a foggy day?? Brill - well done. xxx
admin 15:12 December 21, 2009
Thanks girlies - I'm sure 'Horse and Hound' will be on the phone any day now for this shoot!!! lol.
pam 04:30 December 28, 2009
stunning models and images! fabulous work!

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